Remote Scrum Guide

Remote Scrum Guide book

How to perform Retrospective, Daily Scrum, and Backlog Refinement rituals with remote teams

  • Get a brief introduction of the core Scrum rituals
  • Dive into the nitty gritty details of Scrum rituals for distributed team
  • Tool-agnostic guide, apply it in the tools you like
  • Remote Scrum as we and companies trusting Team O'clock apply it

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Planning poker sessions


Daily standups



"It makes teams move faster"

Christos A.

"Great overall experience and highly recommended if you are running an Agile team."

Inell Ray C.

"Team O'clock makes performing sprint rituals a very easy task and I'm very satisfied in using it."

Aldreen D.

"A great tool for planning any type of project."

Jonathan P.

"A very good tool to keep your team on the same page."

Nestoras S.

"We improved the focus during our retrospectives a lot and the planning poker is also very nice for us."

Dominik E.

"It is very easy to use and set-up. I really like that everything is later tracked on slack and also available through our profile so we can review meetings."

Abhijit G.

"Team O'clock helps in minimizing the time spent on creating documentation as well as shortening the estimation sessions for the work to be done."


"This software has helped our company make the transition from office work to 100% remote work."

Fiodor T.