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Engage your teams in meaningful retrospectives for continuous improvement. Collect feedback, discuss, and prioritize action items, fostering a culture of ongoing enhancement​

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Speaking more about tasks in progress
Informing people early on about our progress and tasks.
Be more proactive with dependencies that affect how our team performs.

Long generic meetings that could have been an email, or an async chat discussion :(
Deep diving on the details when we are in our daily standup meeting.
External pings and interventions that affect our focus to deliver work.

Sessions with a share screen to solve a specific problem
The focus time, we've set as a team works wonders!

Elevate your project planning with an intuitive Planning Poker tool. Align your team with unbiased consensus, ensuring efficient resource allocation and precise execution for your retail strategies.

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Implement streamlined daily standups to enhance team transparency and accountability. Use Team O'clock to optimize your daily coordination, keeping everyone aligned with dynamic market demands and customer needs​.

avatar Mike G. (you)
Your Daily Standup
What did you do yesterday?
- Worked on delivering planning poker onboarding
- Fixed styling issues on planning poker card
What will you do today?
- Conclude onboarding and add inline tooltips
- Review styling with Nikos
Do you have any impediments?
- Waiting for a review on the tutorial
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Remote Scrum Expertise

Gain insights from our comprehensive guide on Remote Scrum.

Learn effective remote agile ceremonies, including retrospectives, daily scrum, and backlog refinement, to maintain team cohesion and adaptability in a digital marketplace​.

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