Be more efficient and happy with your team

Start a daily standup or retrospective meeting, do planning poker on tasks in your Microsoft Teams channel!

Supporting teams in

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Align team on effort estimates for upcoming work

Team O'clock: Planning poker in Microsoft Teams
  • Use the '@Team O'clock pp' command to add an item
  • Team casts votes in channel
  • Hit 'Show Results' when all have voted
  • Repeat for next work task
Team O'clock: Graphic of working on a chair

Stay aligned on current work via daily standup meetings

Team O'clock: Starting a standup in Microsoft Teams
  • Use the '@Team O'clock standup' command to initiate the meeting
  • Everyone is personally notified
  • Click on link to join
  • View meeting duration* when done!
    *smaller is better
Team O'clock: Graphic of happy working on a rocket

Reflect on work done with a retrospective meeting

Team O'clock: Starting a retrospective meeting in Microsoft Teams
  • Type '@Team O'clock retrospective' in channel
  • Members are personally notified
  • Click on link to join
  • When done all participants are notified on action items
Team O'clock: Graphic of people co-working

Follow the development cycle with well formed meeting habits
and propel your team to happiness!

Team O'clock: Team speeding up on a bike

Use data, metrics and analytics to improve your team continuously

Meeting customizations on team level

Team O'clock: Meeting customization settings view

Review all your team actions and events

Team O'clock: Meetings and events timeline view