Reflect & Adapt

Retrospective meetings for your remote team
in a positive and structured way.

Try a demo retrospective

Set a retrospective meeting format that fits your team needs

Use built-in retrospective templates like What went well or 4L retro for your sprint retrospective. Use AI generated boards or setup your own to address custom needs like post mortems or fun retrospectives.

Team O'clock: Retrospective activities

Explore 20+ retrospective ideas Explore 20+ retro ideas

Your remote team participates in an unbiased online meeting

Each team member adds retrospective meeting points privately. The whole team sets the stage for open and honest discussions.

Team O'clock: Retrospective, gather notes stage

Review as a team, add clarity to your retrospective

Share all notes openly with the team. Elaborate, edit, and group similar notes together. For tough discussions, keep your notes anonymous and leave hard feelings behind.

Team O'clock: Retrospective, grouping notes stage

Customize agile retrospective voting for powerful insights

Set the number of votes for each participant, decide if votes will be anonymous, and use a timer to enable asynchronous voting for remote teams. Let important topics surface in an inclusive, unbiased process.

Team O'clock: Retrospective, vote notes stage

Build and track great retrospective action items

Focus on the top voted items. Elaborate and create action items. Follow up and celebrate progress. Become a better team... one sprint at a time.

Team O'clock:Retrospective discussion stage

Connect retrospective meetings to your tools

Optimize efficiency and keep lean with online retrospectives

Dive beyond the surface of retrospectives to unlock the full potential of remote teams.

Mood pulse graph in metrics

Share a warm-up question about your team's mood in the retrospective, check the results instantly, or view the team mood pulse in metrics.

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AI assist suggested retrospective action items

Let AI-Assist group automatically similar retrospective points and suggest action items. Let team focus on what's important.

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Agility card for planning poker

Earn Agility Cards for good retrospective habits when an online meeting is complete. Cultivate agility practices for your remote team.

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Remote Scrum Guide Book

Working with Scrum on a remote setting?

Checkout our free book on Remote Scrum, based on experiences of our customers and ourselves.

Read on how to perform Retrospective, Daily Scrum, and Backlog Refinement rituals with remote teams.

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