An online retrospective tool for remote teams

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Retrospective meetings that promote continuous improvement in a positive and structured way.

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Online retrospective tool: Team O'clock

Easy to add in your team's workflow

Great for asynchronous and synchronous retrospective meetings

Control how long each retro step will last, keep it open, or setup a specific time-limit.

Choose Start Stop Continue or another meeting activity that fits your team's goal

Pick from a variety of activites or build a custom activity based on the area you want to emphasize. See available activities.

Customize retrospective options directly when you need to

Set maximum votes based on team added notes, navigate between steps to add more notes.

Continuous improvement in a structured, positive and open setting

Structured agile meeting that focus on open sharing

Meeting flow is specific and is optimized for members to share openly their opinions, giving space for discussion and opinions alignment.

The retrospective meeting is pushing team to improve with action items

Action items discussion is a required step in the flow, with follow up emails after meeting.

Sticky notes in retrospective: Team O'clock

Team O'clock retrospective activities

A brief goal description and boards layout for the most important activities

Start Stop Continue

Start Stop Continue

One of the most typical and straight-forward retrospective activity. Participants can follow and understand fast.

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Liked Learned Lacked Longed for

Liked Learned Lacked Longed for

Good for recurring retrospective meetings to gather data and see progress.

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Space Rocket

Space Rocket

Easy to follow retrospective activity to find team strengths and weaknesses, or malfunctions and thrusters.




Edit and adjust board to your retrospective activity ideas.

Team O'clock: Integrations and communication tools

Empower communication where your team is

Connect with all your remote colleagues

Add a link to the video call service of your choice to share among team members.

Coordinate and connect via Slack, Microsoft Teams or Jira

Integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams and start an online retrospective within the chat application. Use the Jira Integration to create tickets for your action items.

Chat directly on retrospective meeting

If errors occur or you need to coordinate fast, use the built-in chat tool.

Collaborate on your team's continuous improvement

View and evaluate your team's improvement in time

Login to Team O'clock administration pages and access your team's retrospective meetings and see all notes and action items in progress. Edit meeting action items and update their status to reflect team's progress.

Customize retrospective meeting on your team's needs

Access the settings of each team to adjust retrospective meeting, such as voting on notes.

Agile retrospective sticky notes and action items: Team O'clock
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"Team O’clock has brought a whole new experience to our retrospectives and automated our work, because it provides automatically a very well structured documentation after the meeting."

Invest in teams that improve continuously!

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How to perform a retrospective meeting?
Why retrospective is important in agile? Short FAQ