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Team O'clock: Jira settings screens

Setup your Jira Cloud or Jira Server

Team O'clock: Jira settings screens

Connect your Jira Cloud or Jira Server from Team O'clock administration interface.

Setup the Jira field associated with your story point estimates.

Keep in-sync while estimating and retrospecting

Team O'clock: Jira tickets in planning poker and retrospective

Use Jira issue keys, to rapidly create planning poker estimation tasks for your team.

Automatically update Jira issues when estimations are complete.

When your team performs a retrospective, you can create Jira issues based on decided action items.

Team O'clock: Jira tickets in planning poker and retrospective

"It makes teams move faster"

Christos A.

"Great overall experience and highly recommended if you are running an Agile team."

Inell Ray C.

"Team O'clock makes performing sprint rituals a very easy task and I'm very satisfied in using it."

Aldreen D.

"A great tool for planning any type of project."

Jonathan P.

"A very good tool to keep your team on the same page."

Nestoras S.

"We improved the focus during our retrospectives a lot and the planning poker is also very nice for us."

Dominik E.

"It is very easy to use and set-up. I really like that everything is later tracked on slack and also available through our profile so we can review meetings."

Abhijit G.

"Team O'clock helps in minimizing the time spent on creating documentation as well as shortening the estimation sessions for the work to be done."


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