Align your team activity with Jira

Integrate Team O'clock with Jira and bridge team effectiveness to where work is actually done!

Team O'clock: Integration with Jira
  • Use Jira ticket number when in planning poker and get ticket details
  • Auto-assign planning poker story points when team is done voting
  • Create jira tickets based on retrospective action items
Team O'clock: Integration with Jira Cloud

Supporting teams in

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Connect your Jira account to Team O'clock

Team O'clock: Setup Jira Cloud

Issue a '/planpoker' command referencing the Jira ticket number

Team O'clock: Planning poker with Jira links

Setup integration to update Jira task with voted average estimate

Team O'clock: Planning poker estimate updated on Jira

Do more with Jira and Team O'clock!

Retrospective action items as Jira tickets

Keep track and follow up on your action items using Jira

Your feedback & ideas!

Share your feedback and more needs you might have! Let's build this into something useful!

Enhance your workflow experience to boost your team happiness!

Team O'clock: Graphic of smiling team

All solutions that your team can benefit from

See what else Slack Integration offers

Team O'clock: Slack integration view

Trigger available meetings directly from your team Slack channels and get planning poker to estimate tasks effort too!

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Have team retrospective meeting

Team O'clock: Retrospective meeting view

Have a meeting to reflect how the team is working and take action items towards improvement.

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Have synchronous standup meeting

Team O'clock: Standup meeting view

Have a short team meeting focused on reporting and aligning team on day-to-day tasks

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