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Improve your Asana
lean methodology

Tasks estimations & retrospective action items
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Improve your task estimations

Search your Asana tasks in your project and populate what needs estimation when running a planning poker.

Team O'clock: Planning poker on an Asana task

Follow up on your team retrospective meetings

Run a retrospective and create tasks based on your action items. Follow up directly in your Asana board.

Team O'clock: Create Asana task from action item

Improve team efficiency and lean approaches

Gain unique benefits tailored to remote team collaboration, taking into account modern reality of work.

Mood pulse graph in metrics

Check engagement and team agile performance using the metrics section.

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AI assist show similar estimates preview

Have AI-Assist highlight similar estimates, breakdown large estimated tasks, or suggest action items for you.

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Agility card for planning poker

Reward good agility practices and habits by earning Agility Cards whenever your remote team completes a session.

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Agile meetings for your remote team

Use planning poker and retrospectives where your work is tracked!

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