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Check your team's pulse when performing agile meetings

Team O'clock: Mood pulse graph in metrics

Gather your team's mood on agile meetings, see the pulse in metrics.

Team O'clock: Sentiment pulse graph in metrics

See your team's sentiment pulse by automatically analyzing the notes shared on agile meetings.

Check your teams engagement

See your team's activity and pending retrospective action items

Team O'clock: Action items and participation metrics

Agility status
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Your team in performs on average

1 or 2 Retrospectives a month
More than 3 daily standups a week
Mostly aligned when estimating effort

Agility status


Your company: 0.0

You are 63% below average

Other companies average: 7.9

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A weights method computes your agility engagement in three vectors.


Measuring good practices on team improvement activities.


Measuring openness, sentiment, and team contribution.


Measuring collective effort on keeping in sync as a team.