Happy and relaxed teams are aligned teams!

Follow the short and time-boxed process of daily stand-up meeting for your team and keep everyone on the same page.

Supporting teams in

Let the stand-up meeting keep your team synced

Focus on your communication and important things

Team O'clock is responsible for the facilitation using a positive tone, so your team can communicate on what needs to be complete.

Structure and consistency on the meeting

The stand-up meeting is strictly timeboxed, equally assigning time to all team members.

Notes for following up and additional syncing

Type your notes of important stuff you want to remember, Team O'clock will notify all participants via follow-up email and Slack when meeting is done.

Empower communication where your team is

Connect with all your remote colleagues

Add a link to the video call service of your choice to share among team members.

Coordinate and connect via Slack

Integrate with Slack and use the /standup command in your team's channel to trigger a stand-up meeting.

Chat directly on stand-up meeting

If errors occur or you need to coordinate fast, use the built-in chat tool.

Review team meetings and adjust

Analyze your stand-up activity and adjust to form better habits

Using Team O'clock analytics you can monitor your team's habits and try to make adjustments so that everyone gets the most out of the stand-up. Use timeline to view all meetings and their notes.

Customize stand-up meeting to each team's needs

Access the settings of each team to adjust stand-up meeting duration and important questions each member should answer.

Syncing and alignment makes teamwork shine
Can my team use daily stand-up meetings?
Short FAQ

and switch later to the plan that better fits your needs.



Small team, basic features

  planning poker in Slack

retrospective activity

14  timeline days

monthly active members


Customization options



Big team starting agile

  planning poker in Slack

All  retrospective activities

90  timeline days

10  monthly active members


Customization options

Checkout FAQ for answers regarding plans & feature options.

"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford