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Nikos, is working as engineering director on a SaaS company actively engaged in development.

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Mike, is actively working as product manager on a SaaS company having previous experience in frontend development and UI/UX.

Founding team has been working together since 2001 on various projects. They have shared experience and knowledge on building, pitching and running a company as well as working closely with larger teams into realizing ideas into products.

Our history

2016: Team O'clock starts

A first version of Team O'clock is made publicly available. Sporting daily standup meeting and planning poker via Slack.

July 2018: Team O'clock incorporated

Service has matured and a company is incorporated, pricing is introduced to make service sustainable, a free plan is available. Services now include retrospective meeting with various options as well as an extensive analytics panel.

Team O'clock plans for today

Service expansions are added and company is starting to gain some traction. Actively working towards establishing value for our users. Be open and try to engage users for feedback on improvement!
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Our goals for tomorrow

Team O'clock is assisting many companies into finding the right balance between meetings time and outcome, making happy a lot of teams.

Supporting teams in

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Our mission

We will always propel your team happiness in an unobstructive way,
offering very clear message & direction

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Team Happiness

Happiness and team improvement is our number one priority, so we are always adjusting to better promote your team's happiness status.


We recognize that our service is complementary to the most important work that is done on a person-to-person level and try to keep that path clear from distractions and over-communication.

Clear message & direction

We focus on providing a clear structure and flow where your team can build on top. We try to gently nudge you to the right action and keep you on the positive side of interactions.

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"Team O'clock helps in minimizing the time spent on creating documentation as well as shortening the estimation sessions for the work to be done."

Take action to improve your team's daily happiness

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How Team O'clock can work for you

Retrospective meeting

Have retrospective meetings that promote openness and actions in a positive and structured way.

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Daily Standup

Follow the short and time-boxed process of daily stand-up meeting for your team and keep everyone on the same page.

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Planning poker

Estimate tasks and user stories via web meeting, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

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