About our team

We build everything on top of of our values.

Keep it simple

We prefer doing exceptionally less, versus spreading too thin. We prioritize simple over complex, smooth interactions, and clean design. We get things done, one increment at a time.

Stay focused

We continuously level up the core of our product. If something does not work, we drop it. We are not a feature factory. The success of our customers is in the center.

Be respectful

We respect each other’s opinions, and value each other’s contribution. We are not afraid to make mistakes. Zero blame, especially when things go south. We are in this together, and reflect that respect to our customers.

Our history


Team O'clock starts

A first version of Team O'clock is made publicly available. Sporting daily standup meeting and planning poker via Slack.


Team O'clock incorporated

Service has matured and a company is incorporated, pricing is introduced to make service sustainable, a free plan is available. Services now include retrospective meeting with various options as well as an extensive analytics panel.


Microsoft Teams Integration

Extended our core offering to all people using Microsoft Teams! Team O'clock is the first agile meetings tool in this platform!


Planning poker on your browser

With Planning poker on the web interface, Team O'clock offers a 360 solution for the agile meetings. Now people can do their work in Slack, MS Teams, or the web!


Integrations expanding

The integration with third-party tools is expanding, featuring connectors for Asana, Basecamp and Linear.


AI Assist

Generative AI is augmented into the service, to ease mundane tasks on available meeting types, such as meeting summaries, action item suggestions and more.


Extend the core value together

Service expansions are added and company is getting serious traction. Actively working towards establishing value for our customers. Be open and try to engage users for feedback on improvement!


Work towards our vision

Making agile meetings accessible to more teams working from everywhere.

The founding team

Nikos Vasiliou photo

Nikos has been into Engineering Management and Agile coaching roles, working on software development and product design in Team O'clock.

Mike Giannakopoulos photo

Mike is an active Senior Product Manager, working on front-end development, design, and experience of Team O'clock.