Make synchronous standup meetings effective

Helps your team stay focused and up-to-date pretty fast

Demo standup

Team O'clock tries to own all the boring and tricky parts of the standup meeting leaving more space for the actual communication to happen.

Achieve effective daily standups

Force a 15min timebox

Using Team O'clock you can not lose track of time, because you're constantly reminded to focus.

People report to the team

Scrum master is not the standup manager. Team O'clock gets that role so all team members are equal and report to their colleagues.

Keep everyone focused

Order of speakers is shuffled on each standup and announced by Team O'clock. Everyone is focusing on the speaker and waiting for their time to speak.

Support distributed team

Add a video URL from a service of your choice(Google Hangouts, so that distributed team members can join the standup.

Get valuable insights for your standups

Improve your standups

Identify the optimal time to do your standups and see what else can be improved within your standup via analytics.

Check teams engagement

View the daily routine and engagement of the standup per team and per team member.

Are you using Slack? Integrate

Start a standup from Slack

Bind a team to a channel and use the /standup command to start a standup.

Plan poker

Use the /planpoker command during a backlog refinement meeting to vote for points on a story or task.


Team O'clock is currently provided for free. Pricing will be introduced later,
a free plan for small teams will be included.

Flip your synchronous daily standups to the productive side

Demo standup