Make your scrum events more effective

Help your team stay focused and up-to-date pretty fast

Demo scrum event

Team O'clock tries to minimize the time and maximize the value you get from standup and retrospective

Achieve effective daily standups

Force a 15min timebox

Using Team O'clock you can not lose track of time, because you're constantly reminded to focus.

People report to the team

Scrum master is not the standup manager. Team O'clock gets that role so all team members are equal and report to their colleagues.

Keep everyone focused

Order of speakers is shuffled on each standup and announced by Team O'clock. Everyone is focusing on the speaker and waiting for their time to speak.

Support distributed team

Add a video URL from a service of your choice(Google Hangouts, so that distributed team members can join the standup.

Be more engaged during your retrospectives

Focus on the communication, not the structure

All preparation, setup and facilitation of the retrospective event is on Team O'clock, so that the team can relax and talk about the important things.

Customize your retrospectives

Choose one of the available activites (Start-Stop-Continue doing, 4Ls and Three little pigs) or let Team O'clock choose for you to add some variety.

Be more productive

Let Team O'clock guide your team in a flow to make everyone more engaged and open to share.

Are you using Slack? Integrate

Start a standup or retrospective from Slack

Bind a team to a channel and use the /standup or /retrospective command to trigger a scrum event.

Planning poker

Use the /planpoker command during a backlog refinement meeting to vote for points on a story or task.

Get valuable insights for your scrum teams

Improve your teams

Identify the optimal time to do your standups via analytics and check how each team uses retrospectives historically.

Check teams daily engagement

View the routine and engagement of the standup per team and per team member.

Identify team progress

Access retrospective events history per team and see patterns and how your team improves using scrum methodologies.


and switch later to the plan that better fits your needs.



Small team, basic features

  planning poker in Slack

retrospective activity

14  timeline days

monthly active members


events customization



Big team starting agile

  planning poker in Slack

retrospective activities

90  timeline days

10  monthly active members


events customization

Checkout FAQ for answers regarding plans & feature options.

Flip your synchronous scrum events to the productive side

Demo scrum event
Free tools

Set of productivity tools your team might find useful

Simple timer

A countdown timer for timeboxing sessions you and your team are dedicating on a specific goal or outcome.


Tool used to measure how much time you or your team spends on a discussion, exercise (physical or not), meeting or activity.

Meeting checklist

Cross-check or groom your meetings over a list of best practices to increase the probability of a successful meeting.

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