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Lead your remote teams to accelerated agility

Run retrospectives, standups and backlog refinement meetings no matter the location. Inspect and adapt your agile transformation in Agile maps.

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Improve your teams via retrospective meetings

Start a synchronous meeting, switch to asynchronous, or mix both while you keep your data persistent!

Structured meeting and flow from day one

Leave preparation, setup and facilitation to Team O'clock. Your team can relax and focus on the stuff that matters.

Promote action to make everyone better

The whole setup is prompting your team to take and follow up on action items.

Offer clarity & positive thinking

Let Team O'clock guide your team in a flow to make everyone more engaged and open to share.

Stand-up meeting: Happy teams are aligned teams

Synchronous and Asynchronous meetings

Flexible time-frame

Have team members share their status on their own time, use a time-boxed session with the team members in same timezone.

People report to the team

Team O'clock is the meeting facilitator, so all team members are treated as equal and report to their colleagues.

Follow up on your decisions

Take meeting notes and follow up after the stand-up is done.

Team O'clock: Standup view Team O'clock: Standup waiting for participants notes Team O'clock: Standup adding notes
Team O'clock: Planning poker view Team O'clock: Planning poker card votes visible

Planning poker session for clarity and alignment

Synchronous and Asynchronous meetings

Full control on your estimation session time

Add as many tasks as you like and have team cast their votes in their own time. Check back at your own time to talk about votes as a team.

Clarity on estimation status

Easy to follow members voting status, while estimating and after estimation is complete.

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"Team O'clock helps in minimizing the time spent on creating documentation as well as shortening the estimation sessions for the work to be done."

Practice agile transformation using Agile Maps

Team O'clock: Agile maps team view Team O'clock: Agile maps historical view Team O'clock: Agile maps teams view

Your team processes and tasks in one place

Use Agile Maps as a single point of references for all your revelations, daily or weekly todo's, meetings, tasks and more.

Collaborate and measure your workflow

Have team members work together to visualize your team processes, look back in time to inspect your progress.

Get a bird's eye view or focus on your self

Check how company teams depend on each other and how they are progressing with agile, or visualize your private personal way of work.

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