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Team O'clock: Retrospective notes and voting

Reflect on your team work

Team O'clock: Retrospective notes and voting

Engage your team into structured and fun retrospective activities. Use the digital board to collect notes, discuss and prioritize action items.

Continuous team improvement, hassle free, batteries included.

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Plan your project for success

Team O'clock: Planning poker view

Simulate the physical cards of the planning poker estimation technique, and align your team with unbiased consensus.

Plan the effort of your next success in a remote setting. Like a pro.

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Team O'clock: Planning poker view
Team O'clock: Standup view

Get on the same page, everyday

Team O'clock: Standup view

Swift daily check-ins to build accountability, transparency and trust.

Forget about the technicalities and step-up your team effectiveness.

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"It makes teams move faster"

Christos A.

"A very good tool to keep your team on the same page."

Nestoras S.

"A great tool for planning any type of project."

Jonathan P.

"It is very easy to use and set-up. I really like that everything is later tracked on slack and also available through our profile so we can review meetings."

Abhijit G.

"We improved the focus during our retrospectives a lot and the planning poker is also very nice for as."

Dominik E.

"Team O'clock helps in minimizing the time spent on creating documentation as well as shortening the estimation sessions for the work to be done."