Excel in Patient Care and Drug Development

Empowering health, pharmaceutical, and remote software teams for seamless collaboration and innovation.

Agile for your team of researchers, caretakers, developers

  • Build empathy and alignment
  • Team focus on important first
  • Sync on top of time differences, and work-shifts

Nobody needs to work in a silo, collaboration brings innovation and faster improvement cycles for everybody; regardless of their expertise and work post. Researchers can contribute valuable knowledge to your development team, caretakers can share their expertise in patient treatment and bring in empirical knowledge and empathy, and your developers know best what to build.

Bringing everybody together to discuss and identify overlaps and areas of improvement will bring tremendous benefits to your teams. Cultivating an environment of safety and open sharing is vital in this collaboration.

Team O’clock offers the Retrospective tool, which will allow everybody to share their unbiased notes at their own pace. When the whole team has shared their feedback and remarks, everybody votes and can have a discussion to make improvements and adjustments as a team.

Empower your remote agile team

  • Team tools for alignment and syncing
  • Tailor to your team needs
  • Follow through at your team’s pace

Software development and the need for an agile team is common across all industries. Also, working remotely as a full-role agile team is more of a norm nowadays. Still, the way each team works is different as it should be; async, through your work chat app, pre-scheduled calls, and everything in between.

Remote teams just need this set of tools which will make them contribute more back their company and other teams, dependent on development. This is a real, daily, struggle we all deal with and agile methodologies are a good way to manage this workload.

Whether your team performs estimation sessions in their work chat app live or async, Team O’clock can support you. Even if you want to switch to async mid-way in a meeting, we’ve got you.

Similarly, if your remote team runs async standups and wants to quickly switch to a sync roundup when everybody has added their notes, we are there.

You can close the development cycle with a team retrospective, async, sync, or everything in between choosing when and how long you’ll be on each retrospective step.

Elevated agility for your full team at your own pace

Estimate your next work at your own pace

  • Fast story point votes in your work chat app
  • Adapts to your estimation habits
  • Get more insights

You can find a software development team in every industry today. The pace of work and software demands are there to complement your company goal in a fast way.

The quickest win for your development team is to understand better what you’re working on through planning poker estimation. Everybody in your team will have a common understanding of what you’re developing with the extra benefit of knowledge sharing.

Whether you are working on a sprint, kanban, or any other agile method Team O’clock can support you. You can integrate both your work chat app and your development management software to utilize your tasks in your team channel.

With Team O’clock, you can get additional insights from metrics and assistance through AI-Assist on improving as a team on estimations.

Kickstart your agile journey

Step into the future of seamless agile collaboration - Team O'clock helps you align, innovate, and excel, no matter where your team stands on the agile map.