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Agile meetings
for Slack

Jumpstart structured meetings for daily standup and retrospection, have your team vote and negotiate on implementation tasks.

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Planning poker in your
remote team channel

Estimate upcoming tasks in your Slack team channel, at your own convenience. Use the /planpoker command and drive your project to success.

Team O'clock: Planning poker in Slack

Async daily standup
in your Slack channel

Build a daily check-in habit where collaboration happens with the /standup command. Run your team daily standup at your own pace.

Team O'clock: Starting a standup in Slack

Trigger an online retrospective from your Slack channel

Use the /retrospective comand and start a retrospective session for everyone in your Slack channel. When meeting is complete, check the action items and summary in your channel.

Team O'clock: Retrospective in Slack

Agile meetings for your remote team

Planning poker, daily standups, and retrospectives in your favorite collaboration tool!

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