Kickstart your remote team alignment from planning poker estimates

Customize your planning poker estimation technique in your browser, your Slack or your Microsoft Teams

Try a planning poker


Team O'clock knows who has voted already and:

  • Creates a team to secure who can vote again
  • Informs who has yet to vote


Setup poker points per team:

  • As numbers, or
  • As custom values (eg. T-shirt sizes)
Planning poker online view: Team O'clock

Increase clarity and alignment in your team early on

Leverage the most of your teams, remote or not

Prepare a set of tasks for your team to vote for, or work your way through synchronously with your team.

Promoting team communication

Planning poker session is displaying in a clear way each member's estimation to cultivate dialog on voting results.

Focus on estimates and moving forward

The interface is highlighting only what's needed, from your cards to your team votes and the task being estimated.

Have planning poker in Slack and Microsoft teams

Integrate with your company chat service

One step activation for all your teams.

Experience the full functionality in your chat app of choice

Trigger a planning poker session in your channel of choice and have your team vote right there.

Slack planning poker, MS Teams planning poker: Team O'clock

Do you use Jira and planning poker?

Automatically extract details from your Jira tickets and update poker points with the available integration

More about the Jira integration
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"The tool for estimations is super easy and fast to use, this is why we decided to adopt it with my entire remote team."

Achieve team alignment early in the process

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What's planning poker?
How planning poker works? Short FAQ

Supporting teams in

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