Smart and customizable planning poker

Use in your team's Slack channel so that everyone can estimate tasks and user stories.


Team O'clock knows who has voted already and:

  • Creates a team to secure who can vote again
  • Informs who has yet to vote


Setup planning poker values per team:

  • Set numbers, or
  • Custom values (eg. T-shirt sizes)
"The tool for estimations is super easy and fast to use, this is why we decided to adopt it with my entire remote team."

Enhance team performance by checking your metrics
in a management interface

See your team's engagement and performance
Access older planning poker sessions
See your team's engagement and performance

Visit analytics and see your team's planning poker votes. Check votes dissemination against effort standards and plan any actions.

Check history of planning poker sessions

Visit timeline to view how often your team performed planning poker sessions and check what you did on each session.

Supporting teams in

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Since you are in Slack, here is what else you get
Trigger a synchronous stand-up meeting

Issue a /standup command and trigger a stand-up meeting in a browser. See meeting duration and stand-up notes when done in your Slack channel.

Read more about the stand-up >
Have retrospective meetings

Select from available retrospective activities and initiate a meeting. Participants will be pinged to join. When meeting is done all participants are notified on the action items.

Read more about the retrospective >

and switch later to the plan that better fits your needs.



Small team, basic features

  planning poker in Slack

retrospective activity

14  timeline days

monthly active members


Customization options



Big team starting agile

  planning poker in Slack

All  retrospective activities

90  timeline days

10  monthly active members


Customization options

Checkout FAQ for answers regarding plans & feature options.

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