Agile Methodologies in Financial Services

Discover how agile methodologies can revolutionize financial and banking services, enhancing team efficiency, collaboration, and delivery.

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Assist the teams that build your internal tools

  • Organize internal development flow
  • Identify areas for improvement and faster work
  • Build consensus on the effort required in your next development cycle

Finance and software go hand in hand to be considered different worlds. Any workflow, new financial transaction, or integration you have in mind needs to be backed up by development. Providing clear requirements and getting a prediction on the required development time determines the speed of delivering your new service to the world, and your customers.

With Planning Poker meetings, your development teams align with business requirements for new features and products by breaking them down into manageable tasks that you can predict work better. Everybody in the team has more clarity on what to work on, that even non-technical people can understand.

With Retrospective meetings, the team identifies areas to improve their processes on working more efficiently and increasing their cadence.

Organize your multi-functional teams around delivery

  • Align across Business Analysts, Finance advisors, Developers, Support, and QA
  • Improve your cross-collaboration with action items
  • Speed up your delivery time with more structure

Working as a multi-functional team of BI, Finance, Developers, Support, and QA people has the benefits of autonomy and ownership - kudos if you are there! Your team can handle any incoming request or build new products based on the collective team's knowledge. Increasing the empathy and understanding in your team will have multiplying benefits to your collective performance, ideation, and speed!

With Retrospective meetings, the whole team can acknowledge and celebrate wins, identify areas for improvement, and discuss actions for improvements. The structure of the Retrospective meeting ensures that members bring their unbiased unique perspectives from the Business, Finance, Development, Customer, or QA side.

Working in two-week sprints, or iterations is assistive to the whole process making things move faster and more efficiently! To support team alignment and shared understanding the team can run Daily Standups to keep everyone updated on each member’s work in progress and possible impediments that other team members can help with. Additionally, working in Daily Standups keeps the whole team aligned under a single goal, delivery of the final product or improvement in place.

Transform your financial and banking services and experience unparalleled efficiency, collaboration, and streamlined delivery in every project.

Enhance your remote team’s efficiency

  • Add discipline in team alignment
  • Integrate directly in your existing collaboration tools
  • Members update at their own local time, across the globe

The new reality is that of a distributed team working around the globe, or working remotely in close timezones. Your team already uses various tools to improve collaboration and syncing like a work chat app, or a ticket management system that everyone feels it is familiar and comfortable. To improve collaboration and efficiency you need tools that fit your way of working, so everyone can adapt easier.

Team O’clock offers a variety of integrations to support your teams’ working environments. You don’t have to know Team O’clock to use it, integrate it with your existing tools and introduce just what’s needed. Additionally, Team O’clock is built with remote teams in mind, all the meetings and offerings are refined for remote teams.

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