Improve your agile product management

Make your agile journey stronger as a product leader

Build agile best practices for alignment and collaboration

  • Focus on daily tasks with standup
  • Effort alignment with estimations

Product Managers share the responsibility for keeping the team aligned, robust, and productive. In almost all work environments today, you will find some existing processes to support the above direction, but usually, there is a need for some more push to feel complete. In some cases, teams will perform estimations only, in other cases daily standups, and in some occasions, retrospectives will be triggered on incidents only.

Team O’clock is here to support the full agile journey for your team by enhancing the structure of all the major team meetings. Simply create your team in Team O’clock and invite all members.

Set up recurring agile meetings in Team O’clock or edit your existing calendar to add the persistent URL links of your team agile meetings. Finally, follow up on any actions you have set up.

For your remote, hybrid, or in-office team

  • Stay flexible on your teamwork setup
  • Keep things familiar with a single interface
  • Adjusting to your workflow

Even if today the team is set up to work in-office, this might change tomorrow when the next team member joins remotely. Making that shift from in-person to remote for your processes can take time to manage. The best way to address that is by having flexible processes that can easily switch from in-office to remote or hybrid. To stay flexible you will need to complement your existing tools for tracking and chatting, not another tool to do X or Y!

Team O’clock is built from the ground up to support teams working remotely, hybrid, or at the office. The meetings and tools support all possible ways of interaction for you and the team. Additionally, Team O’clock integrates with Jira, Asana, Linear, and Basecamp to grab tasks or tickets or update them after performing your agile meetings. If you are using Slack or Microsoft Teams you can start your agile meetings from your team channel, or perform async estimations or standups in your channel.

Team growth visible to everybody in the company

  • Visibility to your agile growth journey
  • Check the team’s health status
  • Benchmark your agility

Understanding and sharing the team’s growth is a moral boost for the team and a validation of the agile methodology to everyone else in the company. To showcase that the team is improving their working methods and adjusting their processes and collaboration you will need a tool to record that agile transformation journey.

Team O’clock holds a full timeline of all agile meetings with additional information about agility transformation. There is a dedicated metrics page where you and everybody with access to Team O’clock can check out the whole organization’s or a specific team’s agile journey. On the metrics page, you can compare your company’s agility posture to teams using Team O’clock; painting a picture of your posture in the world. Finally, you have the option to export any Agile meeting notes you want for compliance or internal reporting reasons.

Align with every team you collaborate

  • Add structure to more of your meetings
  • Streamline growth across teams
  • Hands-on agile transformation

As a Product person, you are collaborating with many more teams on a weekly or even daily basis. Adding structure to your meetings will benefit all participants; from a simple standup at the beginning of a meeting, to a quarterly retrospective, or a confidence vote planning poker session.

Using well-proven agility meetings with more people you contribute to the actual transformation to an agile company.

Use Team O’clock to perform asynchronous or synchronous standup with your Customer Success, Marketing, or Sales colleagues by simply adding the team in Team O’clock and pasting the standup link to your calendar event. Perform a futurespective or a post-mortem retrospective on the quarter in question and get everybody to share openly their thoughts.

Start your Agile Transformation Today

Work more productively with your team, expanding on your existing habits and toolset.