Parabol Alternative for Agile Meetings: Team O'clock

Stop wasting time on clunky setups and tedious brainstorming. Team O'clock is the all-in-one solution for efficient and engaging agile meetings.

Team O'clock vs Parabol: A side by side comparison

  • How each service compares in terms of features
  • What are the pricing options

Parabol and Team O'clock are an online meeting tools designed specifically for agile teams, offering features to facilitate standups, retrospectives, and sprint planning.

Both platforms provide solutions for team collaboration and project management, aiming to enhance productivity, better teamwork, and drive the development of successful products.

Let's take a quick look on how they both stand in terms of features and pricing options, to help you choose your next agile meeting management tool.

Parabol vs Team O'clock: Feature comparison


Team O'clock


Retrospective meetings

Daily standup meetings

Planning poker meeting

Meeting scheduler

Meeting draft mode

Meeting templates

Health checks

Action items

AI assistance

Agility metrics



Agility cards



Jira, Asana, Linear, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp

Jira, Github, Azure DevOps, Slack, Microsoft Teams

Both services offer a wide range of meeting options and integrations with third party tools.

With Team O'clock you get additional meeting customization options, AI augmentation, and gamification features, to spice up your team's interest.

Parabol vs Team O'clock: Pricing comparison

Team O'clock


Free plan

Free for up to 5 users

Free for up to 2 teams

Paid plan

$3 per user per month

$6 per user per month

Both services offer a free tier.

For bigger teams, Team O'clock is a more affordable option, because compared to Parabol, its cost per user is half.

You can also try all Team O'clock features for free.

“Team O'clock simplifies agile ceremonies, making daily standups, retrospectives, and planning poker sessions more efficient and engaging, saving time for my team.” - Juan S.

FAQ: Team O'clock, a Parabol alternative

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What is Parabol and how does it compare to Team O'clock?

Parabol is an agile meeting facilitation tool designed for remote teams, offering features for retrospectives, sprint planning, daily standups, and team check-ins.

Team O'clock extends these capabilities with AI-Assist, Metrics, and Agility Cards, for teams seeking efficiency, collaboration, and speed.

Is Parabol free, and how does its pricing compare with Team O'clock?

Parabol offers a free tier for up to two teams.

Team O'clock offers a free plan for up to 5 monthly active members and introduces a scalable Growth plan at $3/mo per active member, for unlimited meetings and advanced features like AI Assist.

What integrations does Parabol offer, and how do they compare to Team O'clock's integrations?

Parabol integrates with tools like JIRA, GitHub, Azure DevOps, Google Calendar, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, enhancing team productivity and streamlining workflows.

Team O'clock offers similar integrations but adds Asana, Linear, and Basecamp in the mix. This extensive range of integrations makes Team O'clock a great choice for teams using a variety of project management and communication platforms.

How does Parabol enhance meeting effectiveness, and is Team O'clock a better alternative?

Parabol uses customizable meeting templates, built-in icebreakers, and automated summaries to make meetings more engaging and productive.

Team O'clock also supports meeting effectiveness with its AI-Assist feature, which provides meeting summarization and suggestions, and unique features like meeting customizations that tailor agile ceremonies to specific team requirements.

How can teams get started with Parabol, and why might Team O'clock be a better choice?

Teams can sign up for Parabol directly on their website to start organizing agile ceremonies. Team O'clock also offers a straightforward sign-up process, with a free trial of all features.

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