EasyRetro Alternative for Retrospectives: Team O'clock

Grow beyond retrospectives. Team O'clock is the all-in-one solution for ALL your agile meetings.

Team O'clock vs EasyRetro: A side by side comparison

  • How each service compares in terms of features
  • What are the pricing options

EasyRetro and Team O'clock are both tools designed to facilitate agile meetings.

Team O'clock is an all-in-one solution for agile ceremonies, including daily stand-ups and planning poker, with integrations to major project management and collaboration tools.

On the other hand, EasyRetro offers a specialized focus on making sprint retrospectives more engaging and effective.

This comparison page takes a brief look into what each platform has to offer, breaking down their pros and cons, features, and pricing, to help you make a well-informed choice for your next agile tool.

EasyRetro vs Team O'clock: Feature comparison


Team O'clock


Retrospective meetings

Daily standup meetings

Planning Poker meeting

Meeting scheduler

Meeting draft mode

Meeting templates

Health checks

Action items

AI assistance

Agility metrics



Agility cards



Jira, Asana, Linear, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Basecamp

Slack, Jira, Confluence, Trello

EasyRetro focuses on sprint retrospectives only. While it offers a simple and engaging interface for this purpose, it lacks the breadth of functionalities found in Team O'clock, which may limit its utility for teams seeking a more holistic agile tool.

Team O'clock stands out with features designed to support not just retrospectives but the entire spectrum of agile ceremonies. This includes daily stand-ups, planning poker, health checks, metrics, and gamification options.

EasyRetro vs Team O'clock: Pricing comparison

Team O'clock


Free plan

Free for up to 5 users

Free for 3 retros per month

Paid plan

$3 per user per month

$27 per team per month

EasyRetro offers a free version with limited functionality, suitable for small teams or those looking to try out the platform.

Team O'clock also has a free tier, but its paid plans are generally structured to offer more features for larger teams and organizations.

“Makes it easy to run valuable retrospectives” - Costa C.

FAQ: Team O'clock, an EasyRetro alternative

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  • Details on feature comparisons

Can both Team O'clock and EasyRetro integrate with other project management tools?

Yes, both platforms offer integration capabilities, but Team O'clock takes the lead with a broader range of integrations, including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Linear, and Asana.

Which service is better for agile ceremonies beyond retrospectives?

While EasyRetro specializes in retrospectives, Team O'clock offers solutions for all agile ceremonies, including daily stand-ups, planning poker, and health checks.

Which service provides a better user experience?

Both Team O'clock and EasyRetro are designed with user experience in mind. EasyRetro offers a straightforward and engaging interface for retrospectives, while Team O'clock provides a user experience that supports a better range of agile meetings, making it a better fit for teams seeking an all-in-one solution.

Can both services be used by remote or distributed teams?

Both Team O'clock and EasyRetro are designed with remote and distributed teams in mind. They offer cloud-based solutions that facilitate collaboration regardless location.

What about customization options in EasyRetro and Team O'clock?

EasyRetro provides excellent customization for retrospective boards, allowing teams to tailor the experience to their specific needs.

Team O'clock, extends customization beyond retrospectives, offering options for stand-ups, planning sessions, and more, making it more adaptable for teams seeking customization options across all agile processes.

How do the pricing plans compare between Team O'clock and EasyRetro?

Both platforms offer free versions and scalable pricing plans. EasyRetro's pricing is primarily based on the number of boards and features you need for retrospectives.

Team O'clock is a more cost-effective option for teams needing more agile meeting management features.

Can I switch from EasyRetro to Team O'clock easily if my team's needs grow?

Yes, transitioning from EasyRetro to Team O'clock is feasible and may be beneficial for teams whose needs surpass retrospectives.

Team O'clock's all-in-one solution makes it an excellent choice for teams into more complex agile workflows, looking for a tool that can support their growth.

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