Team O'clock API v2

Apr 1, 2021 · 2 min read

API - Preview

Automation and integration is vital for any SaaS product and Team O’clock should not be the exception. The first version of the API was released a few years ago with limited functionality. It was time for a change.

A second version of the API was released with a more thoughtful design and more complete coverage after important customer feedback.

The new design is closer to the JSON API specification and covers functionality on the following areas:

  • Members management

  • Teams management

  • Timeline

  • Standup meeting

  • Retrospective meeting

  • Planning poker meeting

You can read the full spec in the Team O’clock API documentation.

Both we and our customers can use the API to create thoughful integrations with their favorite tools and custom workflows. For example, when a new ticket is created in a task management tool, the API can add a story for estimation in Team O’clock and get back the estimation results when team is done estimating the effort.

So, what’s next? We would like to add more functionality in the API, such as endpoints for managing the workflow of the meetings, action items from retrospectives and Agile Maps management.

Apart from API updates, we are planning on adding webhooks so that automation can be bi-directional and invest in implementing off the shelf integrations with Zapier and other tools.

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Nikos Vasileiou

Author: Nikos Vasileiou

Nikos has been into Engineering Management and Agile coaching roles, working on software development and product design in Team O'clock.

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