Introducing Agility Cards

Discover how Agility Cards by Team O'Clock enhance your agile journey, rewarding teams for following best practices in scrum ceremonies.

Sep 5, 2023 · 2 min read

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We added a new way to promote good scrum habits, called Agility Cards. Agility cards are automatically rewarded to your teams as they follow good agile practices.

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Agility Cards widget in the Team O'clock dashboard

How Agility Cards Work

Agility Cards require a team effort, like scrum and agile ceremonies. Every time you hit a milestone during your daily standups, retrospectives, or planning poker meetings, your team earns cards to track your progress.

A modal congratulating a team for achieving a milestone by offering an Agility card

Agility Cards are designed to consider team performance in various dimensions across all meetings. These dimensions include habit formation, team growth, participation, and more!

Each team can claim more than one Agility Card of each type, following good agile practices when performing their meetings.

Check your Agility Cards

You can find your Agility Cards under the Metrics pages in the Team O'clock management interface.

View of metrics related to agility cards, showing the cards, the number of cards owned, and grayed out the cards that are not owned

In there, you can see all the cards supported right now and how your team can get each card. The purpose of these cards is to add a gamification element to good practices your teams already follow.

A disabled Agility card with its description and title on the side. Stating that this card is unclaimed

Modal with some information for an Agility card

In the Agility Cards interface, you can filter to see the cards of a specific team or check what all teams in your company have claimed.

Mike Giannakopoulos

Author: Mike Giannakopoulos

Mike is an active Senior Product Manager, working on front-end development, design, and experience of Team O'clock.

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