Daily Standup revision [2020]

Nov 30, 2020 · 2 min read

Daily Standup - preview

With more teams turning remote lately and distributed teams thriving in our era, we thought we could do better in the web version of our daily standup offering. The problem we tried to solve, involved blurring the lines between synchronous daily standup and an asynchronous version of it, that would cover remote and/or distributed teams around the world, as already offered successfully by our Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations.

The outcome of this effort is the next revision of Team O’clock Standup covering both worlds.

So how it works? Teams have the option to add their daily standup notes and answer the three questions in an asynchronous way. When all members are done adding notes, a summary email is sent.

Teams who are interested in holding a synchronous standup can click the “Sync Roundup” button and perform a 15min timeboxed standup event.

Preview of daily standup, syncrhonous meeting with one member talking and the questions visible

Synchronous daily standup

Apart from the personal standup notes, the team has also the option to add generic standup notes while the roundup is in progress.

Explore more at the documentation, covering in detail how to perform a daily standup in Team O’clock and help your teams supercharge their daily agile processes or try a demo standup.

Mike Giannakopoulos

Author: Mike Giannakopoulos

Mike is an active Senior Product Manager, working on front-end development, design, and experience of Team O'clock.

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