AI-Assist(ance) for your meetings

Introducing AI-Assist to make your meetings more efficient, offering smart note grouping, actionable insights, and detailed summaries for agile teams.

May 1, 2023 · 4 min read

Blog - AI-Assistance: Hero

At Team O'clock, we always think about improving everything around your team's agility. We keep an open feedback loop with all our users and customers and actively ask for more ideas and directions that can improve everything agile.

The AI-Assist toggle option on the Team O'clock interface

AI-Assist toggle on the settings interface of Team O'clock pages

When we heard the news about AI and ChatGPT, back in November of 2022 - it's May, and it feels like ages ago! - we immediately started thinking of ways to leverage it. Staying true to our values, we incrementally released AI-assisted functionalities to make your lives easier.

Keep reading for an overview of what is currently available in the platform, and our future plans regarding AI-Assisted suggestions.

AI-Assist for your Retrospective meetings

The retrospective meeting is a vital part of an evolving team. Since all team members are engaged in the meeting, we tend to have a lot of input to organize and absorb.

Introducing AI-Assist you get rid of some time-hogs in your meetings, keeping the team in the flow of the discussion:

  • Notes Auto-grouping performed by AI-Assist will group similar notes from different team members. This way you won't have to look around for your note that matches with a colleague and drag it to group notes - just listen to what everyone is saying.

  • Action item suggestions provided by AI-Assist as a nudge to the team toward discussion. We've seen AI-Assist action item suggestions identify the topic shared among the top-voted notes of the team.

  • A summary paragraph of your retrospective powered by AI-Assist. This summary is available in your meeting's timeline entry, in your team's Slack or Microsoft Teams channel, and shared via email to all team members. The summary holds more information than your action items as it includes information from everything written during your session.

Showing AI-Assist generating some action item suggestions in the Team O'clock retrospective interface

AI-Assist suggested action items in the Team O'clock Discussion step of the retrospective

AI-Assist for your Planning Poker meetings

Planning poker sessions can benefit too from AI-Assist, offering extra help to the team and the facilitator. The goal of the planning poker session is to end up with well-defined tasks that the team feels confident to work on, as those tasks' effort is estimated.

With AI-Assist on Team O'clock, we try to direct everyone toward alignment and tangible work tasks, by:

  • Showcasing similar previous votes when each member votes to make comparisons easier for that member. By reflecting to your previous similar vote and comparing the effort needed you can make a more educated estimate for the task at hand.

  • Suggest task breakdowns when a task is voted with a big estimate. With this functionality, we nudge the team and the facilitator to make the task more manageable.

Showing some AI-Assist suggested task items for breakdown on the Team O'clock Planning poker meeting interface

AI-Assist generated tasks for an estimated large task

More on AI-Assist and Team O'clock

The features shared above barely scratch the surface of what Team O'clock can assist with around scrum and agility. Our drive is to empower scrum teams toward a constant path of growth and improvement. This drive feeds all the features we add to our services.

Having our vision and drive as a compass, we already have a set of AI-Assist features in our backlog to work on:

  • Enhance the Daily Scrum ceremony by enabling AI-Assist features.

  • Expand further Retrospective and Planning Poker meetings with more features and functionalities.

  • Assist the whole scrum ceremonies with suggestions across all supported meetings.

A table holding many rows for AI-Assist and Team O'clock features. Some are marked as implemented, most are not. Including features for Retro,Standup, Planpoker and all of the above.

Part of our AI-Assist specific backlog

As always, we would love to work closely with you on building features - AI-Assisted or not - that make your team stronger using scrum ceremonies.

Nikos Vasileiou

Author: Nikos Vasileiou

Nikos has been into Engineering Management and Agile coaching roles, working on software development and product design in Team O'clock.

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