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Netguru provides consulting services in product development, creating software solutions, and product design. The company has been recognized in many rankings of the fastest-growing companies in Europe, for instance, in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 (three times) and FT1000 by Financial Times (twice).

"Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently. Share your challenge with our team, and we’ll work with you to deliver a revolutionary digital product."

Since founding in 2008, they have delivered over 200 projects to clients ranging from major corporations to early-stage startups, with their products featured in TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Product Hunt.

Development frameworks:

  • Scrum
  • Kanban
  • Scrumban
  • Other, focus on value to specific project


  • Partially remote teams
  • Efficient & smooth remote meetings
  • Tools to improve workflow

Team O'clock features used and benefits

Retrospective meeting

Netguru teams can create just enough documentation (handy action points reports) and smoothen the facilitation of the meeting.

Having action points from previous retrospective meetings available, team can clearly see what had been done and achieved and what is still to be improved from the previous weeks.

Custom retrospective activities are utilized to add more variety in meetings.

"Retrospectives with Team O’clock became better organized and structured. Moreover, the variety of retrospective exercises makes the whole experience even better, so the retrospectives are no longer a boring routine."

from Development team

"The retro tool is very useful and well implemented. I’ve noticed some degree of customizability which is nice (custom columns for example). Voting on the most important cards is working very well with proper summary afterward. It’s good that we can make some sort of commitments based on the submitted notes and then on the next meeting check if they were met. The overall layout of the tool is pleasing for the eye and I’ve enjoyed using it so far."

from Development team

"it looks nice, tidy and clear - perfect for the retrospectives as we can customize it. We can track time, that is great!"

from Netguru's client

Team O'clock integrations: Slack logo Slack Integration

Slack is the main communication tool and it’s great that Team O’Clock integrates seamlessly with it.

No need for additional accounts for Team Members and Clients, which makes work of a Project Manager much easier.

Planning Poker

In remote teams Sprint Plannings, the Planning Poker feature is extremely useful.

"Slack plugin to estimate tickets is very simple and lightweight. It just does what it’s supposed to with multiple people on the channel able to vote on the ticket at once. No more old-fashion spreadsheets."


"The tool for estimations is super easy and fast to use, this is why we decided to adopt it with my entire remote team."


Overall Team O'clock benefits summary

Since Netguru is working on many project simultaneously they managed to aggregate a set of productivity benefits:

  • Engaging and structured retrospective meetings
  • Actionable retrospective meetings
  • Fully adopting to company's communication tool
  • Fast and transparent planning sessions
Team O'clock partners: Netguru logo

"Team O'clock helps in minimizing the time spent on creating documentation as well as shortening the estimation sessions for the work to be done."

Use case

  • Actively engaging clients in development cycle
  • Clients in a variety of fields/industries
  • High impact work, requires communication alignment
  • Remote team members

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