Retrospective:: Vote notes

A complete guide on how to vote in the Team O'clock retrospective

In this step all team members can cast a set of votes to the available notes that are grouped.

To cast a vote each member can either click on the plus sign on the left of each note or click on the bars that are highlighted on top of each note.

In case members feel that a note is really important, they can cast up to three votes on a single note, by repeating the action described above. To withdraw a vote clicked on the filled bars over the note.

Members see the available votes to be cast on the screen.

When members are done voting they can press the I'm done button on the top right of the screen to inform the rest of the team that they are ready to move forward.

Voting notes step tips

  • When the facilitator proceeds to voting from the previous step is prompted to set the number of available votes per member. It is suggested to adjust that number based on available notes for voting and how many numbers are in a team.
  • Members are not required to cast all their available votes, they can cast as many votes as they see fit.
  • Please avoid talking about your votes during this step to avoid influencing other members.
  • During the voting step, members are not allowed to add more notes. The facilitator can move to the previous step to allow team members adding more notes. Any cast votes are kept in memory and recalled when moving between Voting and Grouping steps.
Voting and unvoting notes in retrospective: Team O'clock Facilitator setting max votes for team members: Team O'clock

Voting step tools

Adding and removing votes from a note

Click on the + icon to add up to three votes in a note. Click the bars on the top of the note to remove your votes.

Facilitator max votes

Set the available votes per team member on the prompt displayed when moving forward from the Grouping notes step.

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