Retrospective:: Group notes

A complete guide on grouping notes step of the Team O'clock retrospective

Entering the grouping notes step means that all team members have added their notes and are ready for a quick review.

In this step all notes are revealed and each team member can read and clarify their notes to the rest of the team.

It is adviced to have a quick read aloud of all notes in the retrospective board and focus on clarifications or edits in case something is not clear by a team member.

As the team reads all notes, you can identify similar notes from different people and group them together so that you don't spread your votes to similar items in the upcoming retrospective step.


Please avoid extensive talks and debating in this step as the whole team has not voted yet on what's important, and you might be talking about a lesser issue or introducing bias to everybody by talking more on an item!

Grouping notes step tips

  • Team members can add notes at this step. This is useful in case a member is reminded of a note while the team is briefly explaining something else.
  • It is adviced to spend time just for clarifications and a quick pass-through each note at this step.
  • The facilitator can move forward to the next step at any time. Also the facilitator can return to this step from the upcoming voting step in case a member wants to add another note.
Grouping retrospective notes by dragging: Team O'clock

Grouping notes

By draggin a note over another one, you can group them together to signify that they on the same theme.

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