Asyncrhonous retrospective

How to perform an asynchronous meeting? What Team O'clock offers

An asynchronous online retrospective, is one where team members cannot physically or digitally be in the same room to perform the meeting. Members usually work on other tasks and visit the retrospective meeting on their own time to fill in their notes or vote.

This type of meeting is good in cases where:

  • Team members are in quite different timezones, so having a fixed time to perform a call along with the meeting is not possible.
  • The team chooses to proceed asynchronously with some steps of the meeting, so that there is no specific time pressure on reaching to a conclusion.

Having an asynchronous meeting, still means that a facilitator will have to control the meeting duration as well as periodically communicate to members the retrospective meeting status.

Team O'clock can assist the facilitator in that direction through the step timer offered on the meeting interface. The facilitator can set the timer to extend into as many hours the specific step will last, and all team members visiting the online retrospective will see the remaining time.

Additional, asynchronous communication between team members can be handled either through the chat on the retrospective page, or using the Slack or Microsoft Teams integrations.

Facilitator sets timer for each step: Team O'clock

Using the timer for each step

Set the timer into hours for each step, to properly timebox the meeting. Each time members visit the retrospective page they can check the remaining time for that step.

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