Scrum retrospective

What is a sprint retrospective, and when to have one

A scrum, or sprint, retrospective is a retrospective held periodically by a team working closely together.

The team is usually following some agile workflow or other method of collaboration, working towards a common goal or purpose, e.g. "Integrations development team", or "Product team", or "Customer Success team". For these teams a retrospective acts as a refocusing/re-grouping point for all members to evaluate their relations and performance and it is called sprint retrospective.

It is important to hold a retrospective periodically so that the team remains motivated and focused. In scrum retrospectives, previous action items are important as they highlight the progress of the whole team.

Especially for remote teams performing online retrospective, it is useful having a reminder on setting up a periodic retrospective. As team members work on separate environment they might miss critical daily interactions that are acting as ways to communicate on retrospective related issues, thus enhancing the need for the meeting.

The scrum retrospective

The team gets together to evaluate the collaboration in the time interval since the previous retrospective meeting.

Suggested set up

  • If possible have a sync session, or at least have a sync discuss step session.
  • Keep the retrospective meeting up to 1-2 hours
  • Review any open action items before jumping in new action items.
  • Avoid adding more than 2-3 action items.

Activities for your scrum retrospective

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