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The Planning Poker Meeting
Hold Planning Poker meetings in Team O'clock for task estimation. Manage tasks, participants, and voting. Supports synchronous and asynchronous modes.
The Retrospective Meeting
A retrospective can be used either by a team or any other group of people. The structure and form of this event will try to motivate all participants to contribute and engage. 1. Triggering a retrospe…
The Daily Standup Meeting
Team O'clock standup meeting is designed for remote teams first, offering both an asynchronous way for team members to communicate, as well as a synchronous roundup for members that simultaneously joi…
Setup Meeting Before Starting
In cases where you want to pre-set up a meeting before inviting participants you can start a meeting in draft mode. Draft mode is available for all meetings. Draft mode is useful for: Populating with …
Scheduling a Meeting
Team O'clock supports scheduled meetings for all meeting types, Daily Standup, Retrospective, Planning Poker session, and Agenda meeting. The schedule meeting options are available on the meeting wiza…
Creating a Custom Retrospective Activity
Customize your retrospective activities with Team O'clock. Easily add, remove, and reposition columns, set maximum votes, and maintain anonymity. Available on Standard and Enterprise plans.
Set your Sprint Goal
Set and display your Sprint Goal in Team O'clock meetings. Facilitators can easily add a goal via the three-dot menu, ensuring the team stays focused and aligned.
Team Mood Question
Check your team's mood in Team O'clock meetings with the default mood question. View detailed averages and overall feelings anonymously. Managers can disable this feature in team settings.

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