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Setup Meeting Before Starting

Setup Meeting Before Starting

In cases where you want to pre-set up a meeting before inviting participants you can start a meeting in draft mode. Draft mode is available for all meetings.

Draft mode is useful for:

  • Populating with tasks a planning poker session for the team to estimate.

  • Preparing a retrospective activity at your own pace.

To start a meeting in draft mode, you need to be on your Team O'clock dashboard and click the plus button on the meeting of interest.

Interface of Team O'clock meeting types showing a card for each of: Retrospective, Daily Standup, Planning Poker, and Agenda

Clicking the plus button, the meeting wizard modal will open. Select the team or participants of choice and move to the Schedule step of the wizard.

The meeting wizard modal on the Schedule tab and 'Draft' option selected

Choose the Draft option and click Finish.

A modal showing a standup meeting in draft mode started

Now your meeting of choice has started in Draft mode. Participants are not notified yet, but you can see the meeting listed as in progress on the respecting list, marked with a draft tag.

Modal of active meetings showing one line for a standup meeting with a draft tag

You can access the meeting and set it up. A meeting in draft mode will display the draft tag on the top left corner.

A draft tag on top of a title of a meeting in Team O'clock

When you are ready to set up your meeting, click the Start button to invite participants.

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