Active Meetings

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Your in-progress meetings

Meetings that are not completed yet are active meetings. Each meeting type card in the management dashboard will have an informational text on active meetings of this type.

Interface of Team O'clock meeting types showing a card for each of: Retrospective, Daily Standup, Planning Poker, and Agenda

You can click on each meeting card to see all active meetings.

The visible Active meetings include all the meetings, that the specific member can participate or not.

Your in-progress meetings

View of the management interface and the ribbon displaying all the active meetings that the specific member can join. Each meeting type has a link to view the active meetings

Each member can quickly access the meetings they can participate using a banner placed at the top of all of management interface pages. This banner is visible in the case of meetings that the specific member participates and displays number of meetings per type. By clicking on one of the in-progress meetings the member will see a modal with the list of meetings in-progress to join.

Modal showing the Retrospective active meetings for a specific user. Meetings are displayed in a list.

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