Action Items

On the Action Items page, you can have a full overview of all your teams' action items, generated by your retrospective meetings.

View of the action items page with a button to add action item, count for total action items displayed, filters for assigned action items and team, quick filters for Open, Resolved or all action items, and a list of action items

For each action item in the list, you see:

  • The action item title and whether it is linked to a specific task in an integration.

  • A tag with the number of days that this action item is open. For action items that are open for many days, the tag turns red.

  • The team that created this action item.

  • The creation date of that action item.

  • If it is assigned to a specific team member, see that team member's name

From this view, you can apply the following actions:

  • Edit an action item

  • Resolve or re-open an action item

  • Filter by team or status

  • Add a new action item for a team

When adding or editing an action item, you can assign it to a specific team member.

When an action item is added or modified, all team members will receive an email notification with the changes applied.

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