User Management

To view and manage the users of an organization click the Members option on the top menu.

List of members in the Team O'clock management interface showing a button to invite members a search input for searching, filters for Role, Team, and activity. A list of members with avatar name and email for each member, role, and teams they belong to

There is a list of all the users. In the list, you can see available information about each user as well as the role and some of the teams the user is a member of.

If a member is not actively using Team O'clock services, you will see an "Inactive" text next to the member's role.

Any invited members are marked with "Invitation pending", meaning that they haven't yet taken any action on that invitation.

You can search for a specific member by typing in the search input at the top of the screen. If there are more than 10 people in your account, you will see some additional filtering options about member roles, teams they belong to, and activity status.

If you are an administrator you can invite more members by clicking the Invite member button.

Modal for inviting user in Team O'clock with an input for the email and radio buttons for the roles of either administrator, manager, or member

When adding a member there are three available roles to choose from:

  1. Administrator, which has full access to Team O'clock admin pages.

  2. Manager, which can create new teams and add members.

  3. Member, who can view all admin pages but can edit only her profile.

When you edit an existing member as administrator or your profile you get options to change your full name, avatar, and email. If you are an administrator you can also change the user's role.

Select multiple users and mass actions

To select more than one user from the list, click on the user's avatar. The avatar is replaced with a check mark to indicate your selection. You can proceed to selecting all the users of choice and then click on the dropdown reading "with X selected" to see all the available actions.

List of members where 4 out of the 5 members visible have a checkmark instead of an avatar. There is a dropdown on the top right of the list with options for creating a team or delete

The available actions are to:

  • Create a team from the selection. All members can perform this action.

  • Delete selected members, available for administrators and moderators only.

Deleting a user

To delete an existing user you need to be an organization administrator.

Starting from the members' list, select the user you want to delete to view this member's details. From that interface click on the DELETE button on the top right corner.

Small snapshot of the member edit interface with a delete button visible on the top right corner

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