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Security, and personal data

AI-Assist represents a set of features that leverage third-party services to provide your teams with suggestions while in a scrum meeting.

To make AI-Assist suggestions available in all meetings, you need to be an administrator and enable the option found in you account settings. With this option enabled, you make AI-Assist suggestions accessible when using the rest of Team O'clock. Everyone using Team O'clock with AI-Assist setting enabled, will see the respecting AI-Assist tag informing them that AI-Assist is currently used.

A checkbox to enable or disable AI-Assist to leverage AI to produce personalized suggestions for teams

The purpose of AI-Assist suggestions is to help your team move forward with the scrum meetings Team O'clock offers. The majority of the suggestions fall in one of the following categories:

  1. Improve the speed on mundane tasks, by taking over some facilitation work from the team.

  2. Possible breakdowns or conclusions, to make your team meeting move forward.

  3. "Smart" suggestions, to showcase directions that your team can improve their agility tactics.

ℹ️ AI-Assist is an automated service based on Large Language Models (LLMs) to offer suggestions! Please manually review whether the provided suggestions fits your team's purposes!

You can checkout specific ways that AI-Assist contributes in each meeting by visiting the respecting documentation pages.

Security, and personal data

All AI-Assist suggestions require that a part of the data you use in the meetings is shared as input to the third-party service.

Team O'clock uses all the options provided to ensure that data exchanged are not stored on third-party servers, or used as a training set for the Large Language Models in use.

The third-party services in use are:

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