Linear app

The Linear integration connects Team O'clock to your Linear workspace issues. Enabling the integration you will be able to:

  • Get Linear issues in a planning poker session for estimations

  • Update Linear issue estimate based on planning poker team voting

  • Convert a retrospective action item to an issue in Linear

Let's see how the integration works.

Integration setup

To set up the integration login to both services in your browser:

  1. Head to your Integrations page in Team O'clock, click the Linear card to open the integration modal

  2. Navigate to the Connect to Linear and click the "Authorize Linear" button

  3. Click "Authorize Team O'clock" on the next screen, allowing the integration between the two services.

The Linear view for authorizing Team O'clock to read and write access on Linear workspace, there is a button reading Authorize Team O'clock

On the Team O'clock integrations page, you see an "Active" badge in the Linear integration card, signifying that the integration is ready for use.

Card for the Linear integration having an ACTIVE tag on the top right, signifying that the integration is activated

Planning poker integration

While in a planning poker meeting, facilitators can access Linear issues by entering the Manage tasks interface and clicking the Linear button.

Planning poker manage tasks interface with Linear selected. There is a search input for searching Linear issues, filters for Team, issue State, and issue Label. A list reading Addition list with 2 Linear issues selected. Button saying Add selected issues

Facilitator's options here are:

  • Search Linear issues in workspaces using the input field

  • Filter issues by Team, State, or Label

  • Check the issues of interest in the Addition list and click Add selected issues to include these issues in the estimation session.

Linear issues added for estimation will include the Linear issue description for convenience as seen below.

A Linear issue in planning poker with the issue title visible and the description displayed below the title. Participants and voting cards are also visible.

Additionally, you have the option to review the issue in your Linear workspace, by clicking on the Linear badge on the top left corner. Clicking the badge will lead you to Linear Workspace on a new tab.

Retrospective integration

Using the integration with your Team O'clock retrospective, you can generate Linear issues from action items and follow their progress through your Linear workspace. Issue creation from action items is available to the facilitator when the retrospective meeting is finished. Facilitators enter a specific view with all the action items. You can check the selected action items from the list and click the "Add to Linear" button located at the top of the action items list.

Retrospective summary showing two action items, one is selected. There is a button reading Add to Linear

When you click the Add to Linear button, you will see a popup where you define the Linear team that the selected issue will apply.

Modal for adding an action items as Linear issue, there is an input to type the Linear team the issue will work on and a preview of the Linear issue with the title of the action item

Action items created as Linear issues, support automatic syncing between the two services. So, if someone completes the Linear issue, Team O'clock will automatically resolve the action item as well.

Disconnecting and resetting the integration

If you have syncing issues with the integration, you have the option to reconnect the two services from your company's account Integrations page. Locate and expand the Linear integration, then navigate to the Disconnect section and click Disconnect now. Then proceed to Connect again.

The Linear integration modal in Team O'clock. The Disconnect view is selected informing on what will happen after a disconnection. There is a button reading Disconnect now.

To disconnect the two services, visit your company's account Integration page in Team O'clock, expand the Linear integration, navigate to Disconnect and click the Disconnect now button, as seen above.

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