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Using Team O'clock API, developers can create custom integrations with the service. Things you can manage:

  • Members

  • Teams

  • Meetings (Standup, Retrospective, Planning poker)

  • Action items

  • Timeline


Authentication with the API is happening on an organization level, via credentials acquired in the organization settings page. All requests have administrator scope.

Settings of an organization with options for Company name, use of AI-Assist, mood metrics collection, auto-join for integrations, allow members to invite others, visibility to all timeline for admins and managers, and API key for the organization

For security reasons, the API key is hidden by default. Clicking the show button will reveal the key.

In case you feel the key has been compromised or you need to rotate it from time to time, click the reset button to generate a new one.


Detailed documentation of Team O'clock REST API endpoints can be found here.

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