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The Standup Meeting

The Standup Meeting

Why can't I access a standup event from Slack?

Standup events triggered from standup create a unique URL for members of the team the event was triggered for.

So if the standup was triggered #acme_team channel using the /standup command and you are not a member of that team you cannot access the standup directly from Slack unless someone adds you to the acme_team team.

The current speaker is not here yet. What should I do?

You can click on the Skip turn button in order to move to the next speaker. The skipped members are cycled again at the end.

In case the speaker is not going to be on time or the last member is not joining the standup at all you can click the Member not here button. This way the member is registered as not present on the standup.

Can I restart a running synchronous standup?

In the case of a restart of the standup, you can click the cancel roundup button available on the header. Clicking this you reset the daily standup and can start all over again.

When restarting a standup, any time spent by members who have already spoken will be reset, however, any notes will be preserved.

The standup questions displayed are not valid in our case. Can I edit them?

Standup meeting questions are customizable per team and can be modified by the team settings page.

To edit the questions expand the Standup feature, type your questions, and then hit Change.

The standup duration is too long/small for our team. Can I change it?

Standup event duration is customizable on a per-team basis, by team members, through the team settings page.

To customize event duration expand the Standup feature, type the duration you like, and click the Change button.

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