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Why aren't my Jira story points updated?

For your planning poker voted estimations to be reflected on your Jira story points field, you will need to add the selected story points custom field in the appropriate Jira Screens.

To do that, you will need to be a Jira administrator and follow the next steps:

1. Click on the settings gear on the left of your avatar in Jira, as seen below.

Jira settings gear next to the user avatar on the header of Jira

2. From the dropdown displayed, select Jira Settings > Issues as seen below.

Jira settings dropdown with the Issues option selected

3. Then you will land on a screen with Issues related settings. From the sidebar on the left click on Custom Fields.

Jira settings view of the list of issue related settings with Custom fields cycled under the title Fields

4. This way you will see the list of all custom fields in your Jira system. Type the story points custom field you are using in Team O'clock in the search input, like seen below.

Jira settings view of Active custom fields, search input has Story Points in it and one list item is visible

5. Then click on the three dots on the right of the custom field, and pick Associate to Screens.

Jira settings dropdown with option to Associate to Screens cycled.

6. In the displayed page you will see a list of all your Jira Screens. Select the screens that you use for your Jira Issues and click Update.

Jira settings list of associated field Story Point screens with Team O'clock listed

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