Retrospective Activity

SWOT Analysis

Standard Hard   Popularity: 3  

This activity:

  • Introspection technique
  • Morale check-in
  • Team building


The SWOT analysis is a great introspection technique for figuring out the team's condition, weak spots or roadblocks lying ahead, along with opportunities to get better.


For the specific activity, the facilitator could use these points to describe the process:

  • The Strengths column is for areas, processes and work the team is performing good and is reliable.
  • The Weaknesses column is for areas, processes and work the team is not performing good and is slowing the team down.
  • The Opportunities column is for areas, processes, actions, or work that the team can extend to with a high possibility of success.
  • The Threats column is for areas, processes and work that is blocking the team from moving forward and being successful.

Onboarding the team to the selected activity is important for a successful meeting. To learn more on what's needed to onboard your team to a retrospective meeting, read here.

Tips & Tricks

Make sure to clearly explain each column of the retrospective as well as scope the discussion to assist participants.

A great way to set a solid base when kickstarting a new project, or start a discussion when you feel the team morale is at stake.

Popularity: 3

The "SWOT Analysis" activity is often used among Team O'clock teams. It seems that a few teams use this activity for their retrospectives.


SWOT Analysis

Standard Hard


What are we good at?


What is holding us back?


How can we improve?


What obstacles should we overcome?

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