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Santa's list 📜

Playful Seasonal Easy   Popularity: 1  

This activity:

  • Easy metaphor to follow
  • Focus on long-term retrospection


This is a festive retrospective activity, themed for Christmas and new Year. Introduce the activity by saying that the group assumes the role of Santa Claus evaluating the team efforts of the past year as ones you should stop doing - as 'Naughty' - and ones you should keep as they make you better - as 'Nice'.


For the specific activity, the facilitator could use these points to describe the process:

  • The Naughty column is for actions, behaviours, and situations that the team should drop for the year to come..
  • The Nice column is for actions and behaviours that the team should keep doing in the future..

Onboarding the team to the selected activity is important for a successful meeting. To learn more on what's needed to onboard your team to a retrospective meeting, read here.

Tips & Tricks

Use this activity to review a longer period of work.

Highlight the importance on keeping on the team effort level and not making it personal.

Popularity: 1

The "Santa's list 📜" activity is rarely used among Team O'clock teams. It seems that only a few teams use this activity for their retrospectives.


Santa's list 📜

Playful Seasonal Easy


Actions and behaviours blocking the team from achieving their goal


Actions and behaviours that help the team reach their potential

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