Team O'clock: Graphic of people researching
Team O'clock: Graphic of people researching

Focus on continuous improvement for your team

Keep your team happy with effective meetings, close the cycle of improvement by monitoring and adjusting performance.

Supporting teams in

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Team O'clock: Meetings and events timeline view

Review your team's past meetings, notes and action items

A single point of reference for your meeting minutes and notes

View meetings period, duration and participation and keep an eye for good or bad habits in your team.

Recall outcomes and notes of a meeting

See details for each meeting to recall topics of discussion and be able to compare with present, or with other team meetings.

Keep retrospective meetings up to date

Add, remove or complete action items of a retrospective via the meeting details view.

Measure your team engagement and improvement

Overall teams and members engagement in meetings

Visit analytics page to get an overview of the whole teams engagement and performance in Team O'clock meetings, focusing on team self improvement.

Analyze and preview habit patterns per team and meeting type

Preview team habits and members engagement in meetings performed. Plan some action based on these data to further enhance team performance.

Get monthly digest performance emails

Ability to get an email that outlines all teams engagement with meetings that encourage agile methods and self improvement.

Team O'clock: Analytics view
Team O'clock: Meeting customization settings view

Manage and customize to your team needs

Customize meetings per team

Apply different meeting settings according to each team needs (planning poker values, retrospective voting options and duration, standup questions and duration).

Manage teams and team members

Manually control your teams via the team management interface, smooth auto team control via Slack integration that populates teams based on usage.

Empower your teams for happiness with continuous improvement

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Check the full benefits of the solutions offered

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and switch later to the plan that better fits your needs.


Small team, basic features
  planning poker in Slack retrospective activity 14  timeline days monthly active members analytics Customization options


Big team starting agile
  planning poker in Slack All  retrospective activities 90  timeline days 10  monthly active members   analytics Customization options

Checkout FAQ for answers regarding plans & feature options.

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"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success."

Henry Ford